Paprika is a spice produced from air-dried chilli peppers that has a deep red hue. It ranges in flavour from sweet to hot, and while a popular ingredient in Spanish, Hungarian and Moroccan cuisine, the pepper species is native to the Americas, moving east from Mexico to Spain in the   Read More ...

A lot of people are switching to dairy alternatives because they find that they have a dairy intolerance. It’s a choice many families make after finding that their child is allergic to milk products. But what if you are a dairy eating family and your guest is not? Chances are   Read More ...

  Baked some black bottom cupcakes over the weekend for Mother’s Day. The recipe I used was meant for 12 cupcakes but I only managed to get 9 cupcakes with extra cream cheese left, enough for 4 more cupcakes. Thus, will need to adjust the portions in another attempt and   Read More ...

Here’s another craving of mine (and dd) during the long holiday weekend….onion quiche. Quiche are just so versatile as you can have any filling you want thrown in. I normally like my onion quiche with some mushroom and ham but since dd hates mushroom, I decided to make do with   Read More ...

Yes, I am obsessed with bread making these days. It’s either bread or buns because I have a love hate relationship with them. My bread making journey has not been smooth and sometimes the result is not up to my expectation. I have been trying to bake light fluffy breads   Read More ...

Made this on Good Friday and was pretty satisfied with the result as it’s been sometime since I made dinner rolls or buns. They are sweet with a dense texture so if you are looking for fluffy buns, this is NOT the recipe to use. I made a batch of   Read More ...

With the recent implementation of GST, the best action is to practice frugality. So, I decided to make bread pudding out of the stale bread which I had in the refrigerator. The rest of the ingredients were readily available in my pantry. It was my first attempt and while presentation   Read More ...

I had a couple of recommendations from friends and decided to arrange for our company’s annual lunch at Beyond Veggie, at Jalan Rock, Kuching. Since it was still Chinese New Year, they offered this set meal package for 10 pax @ RM268. As I wanted to ensure everything went smoothly,   Read More ...

The other half came back from Seremban with the above, Empayar Seremban Siew Pow. Seremban is famous for its’ Siew Pow but I’m not sure whether this is the best but it was certainly good. Love the crispy pastry which was different from the Siew Pows in Kuching.

Dd was bugging me to bake some red velvet cupcakes for her as I had not baked any for some time already. To be honest, I was also craving for some myself so I decided to bake half a dozen yesterday.  I ended up with the best batch of moist   Read More ...

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