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I had a couple of recommendations from friends and decided to arrange for our company’s annual lunch at Beyond Veggie, at Jalan Rock, Kuching. Since it was still Chinese New Year, they offered this set meal package for 10 pax @ RM268. As I wanted to ensure everything went smoothly,   Read More ...

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If you’re staying in Hong Kong Disneyland, you must absolutely try the buffet dinner at Hollywood Hotel (the least expensive of the two hotels). They are currently having this promotion: “From June 29 – December 13, 2013*, you can enjoy a variety of dishes of “Disney Chef Mickey’s Dinner Buffet” for   Read More ...

This is a little late as mid-autumn festival was celebrated last week. Since I’m such a lover of mooncakes, I can’t help posting what we bought this year. We try to minimize the amount of mooncakes we consume due to health reasons *grins*. Anyway, this is a box consisting of   Read More ...

As described by Wikipedia, Zong Zi  is a traditional Chinese food, made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo,reed, or other large flat leaves. They are cooked by steaming or boiling. To us Hokkiens, we call the Zong Zi with meat filling “Bak Chang” and those without fillings as “Kee Chang”.   Read More ...

I’ve been in a cooking frenzy lately. Here’s a look at what I made this week. I will share some of the recipes when I have more time to post. Meantime, enjoy the pictures.  

Steamed on the Varoma tray   This is my second attempt at Siew Mai or what Kuchingites call Sio Bee. I didn’t quite like the texture of the filling in my first attempt so, I decided to try it out again a second time. As I’m a person who like   Read More ...

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Experimented some more with Thermomix today and sadly, I have to say that this dish was a failure. First of all, it took too long to cook the beans (which remained half cooked after 4 minutes) and the texture of the rice was too wet. Personally, for me, I prefer   Read More ...

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  Ya ya, I know. I’m so kiasu. I just needed to try and improve on the earlier batch of paus. Made another attempt and this time, the texture was much better….or should I say soft and more fluffy. Can you see the difference as compared to my first attempt?    Read More ...

I tried the Thermomix recipe but instead of using sweet potato, I used commercial kaya as the filling. I used the Blue Key brand pau flour for this recipe but the steam buns did not turn out as fluffy as I would have liked. But I guess, it was ok for a first   Read More ...

Amazingly, I discovered the unique Melaka Chicken Rice while I was vacationing in Singapore. What makes it different from the regular chicken rice is how the rice is served. It comes in the form of rice balls (pictured above) and each plate of chicken rice includes 5 rice balls. I   Read More ...

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