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I meant to post this earlier but since today is Chap Goh Mei, also known as the last day of Chinese New Year, I am still in time ūüôā ¬† Sorry, the picture is not that good as I took this using my iPhone. Anyway, we bought this Yee Sang   Read More ...

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Located at Brighton Square, this outlet serves Taiwan dishes and one of their specialty is the noodle with different scales of spiciness. I did not try that dish but played safe and ordered their Chicken Mushroom noodle which cost RM10.90. It came with soup and Chinese tea. This noodle set¬†tasted   Read More ...

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So I posted about our lunch reunion. Then, there was the dinner reunion at our own home. As usual, we had the yearly steamboat as my kids thought it was a lot of fun cooking their own food and the fact that we do this once a year only, it   Read More ...

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We had our family reunion at The Banquet and because it was lunch, intstead of dinner, there were only a few tables of diners. Even then, service was slow. Food was nothing to shout about as we had to choose from a standard set of menu. The package we¬†had chosen   Read More ...

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Whenever I stay at Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, I like to frequent this stall called “Famous Melaka Fried Oyster” which is actually located on the lower ground of The Gardens Mall. One single portion cost $6 but if you want a bigger helping, you can opt for the $9 one.   Read More ...

¬† We recently celebrated my father in law’s birthday and ordered some Longevity Peach Buns as he was 70+ years old. Most Chinese believe that the older the person is, the bigger the celebration should be, especially when one is past 70 years old. As “peaches” signify long life, it   Read More ...

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¬† ¬† This is my first attempt at this dish. It tasted pretty good, if I may say so myself. However, I felt that the¬†french beans were cut too short because I am so used to doing that when I stir fry them. For this dish, cutting each¬†french bean in   Read More ...

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This restaurant used to be located in Grand Continental Hotel’s building but has since moved to a new location. It’s new premise is BEHIND the “Dua Puluh Sen” store next to the junction/traffic light at Jalan Mendu. Being a restaurant, food is a little on the pricey side, especially when   Read More ...

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View of the restaurant “Nan Ru” Pork Ribs Steamed Bean Curd Top With Minced Spinach “Zhen Jiang” Pork Ribs With Buns Mani Chai Fried With Egg Deep Fried Crispy Soft Shell Crabs ¬† I’ve posted about an earlier meal at Xin Tsui Siang sometime back. Today, we headed back to   Read More ...

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Tarot Cafe is¬†situated at Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, next block to Bing! Coffee. As the name goes, the decor in this cafeteria comprises of tarot cards framed up nicely and displayed on a section of the wall. Foodwise, it serves a mixture of Western, Malaysian and simple Chinese dishes.   Read More ...

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