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  Baked some black bottom cupcakes over the weekend for Mother’s Day. The recipe I used was meant for 12 cupcakes but I only managed to get 9 cupcakes with extra cream cheese left, enough for 4 more cupcakes. Thus, will need to adjust the portions in another attempt and   Read More ...

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Dd was bugging me to bake some red velvet cupcakes for her as I had not baked any for some time already. To be honest, I was also craving for some myself so I decided to bake half a dozen yesterday.  I ended up with the best batch of moist   Read More ...

I ordered this red velvet layer cheese cake via Groupon since they had a special price for 1kg birthday cake @ $42 instead of the normal $75. The bakery was Gingerbread House. I’m a big fan of steam cake so I was bowled over by the texture of this cake.   Read More ...

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I have been on a cheesecake baking frenzy lately, baking each Saturday, the only day I have a little free time. It’s not just the regular cheesecake but I’ve been experimenting with mini cheesecakes. Mini cheesecake with oreo crust Mini cheesecake with marie biscuit crust I have been trying to   Read More ...

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My mission this trip was to try as much food as I could get my hands on. Here’s a look at some: We were on our way back from the Science Museum and passed by this stall selling eggettes but I can’t recall the exact location. This Hong Kong street   Read More ...

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This is the first time I tried my hands at steam cake. Being the lazy person that I am, pouring layer and layer of batter while waiting for the cake to steam is something that I am not too keen with. What finally made me attempt this recipe was due   Read More ...

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This is a little late as mid-autumn festival was celebrated last week. Since I’m such a lover of mooncakes, I can’t help posting what we bought this year. We try to minimize the amount of mooncakes we consume due to health reasons *grins*. Anyway, this is a box consisting of   Read More ...

With Chinese New Year (CNY) less than a month away, I decided to start my baking earlier. Thus, the reason I’ve been pretty quiet around here lately. The plan was to bake about 7 different type of cookies and with each cookie, I had to bake for two households as I   Read More ...

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  My kids will be having a small Xmas party at their tuition centre today and my son had requested that I baked 5 cupcakes for their teachers. So, I had prebaked some red velvet cupcakes over the weekend and frosted them this morning. The frosting didn’t turn out as   Read More ...

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This is another first attempt, at macarons (read MA-CA-RONS) this time round. Since these cookies are so pricey, selling at $2.90 each and my kids have never tried them before, I decided to see whether I can make them instead. I found a great recipe from the net but now   Read More ...

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