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The office was having a health talk and some activities in conjunction with breast cancer awareness month. So, at the very last minute, I decided to bake some cupcakes and decorate them with pink butter cream icing. I used the red velvet cupcake recipe but wanted them to be in   Read More ...

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I had initially wanted to make a chocolate cheesecake but decided to opt for a pumpkin swirl cheesecake instead since I had some leftover pumpkin puree. I started making a few mini cupcake size cheesecake but found it hard to create the swirl, so I decided to throw everything into   Read More ...

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  My first attempt at making cookies and it was fairly easy, in my opinion. One thing’s for sure, I still prefer baking cakes to cookies as I can just leave the cake to bake in the oven and do not need to keep on checking on it. With cookies,   Read More ...

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Seeing that the New York Cheesecake recipe I used earlier was quite successful, I decided to modify it a little by adding melted choc chips to the cream cheese and marblelize (is there even such a word???) the surface so that I could turn it into a Marble Cheese Cake *grins*.   Read More ...

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I tried the New York cheesecake recipe yesterday and instead of spring form pan, decided to opt for a reactangle tray so that I can cut the cheesecake into squares. The recipe called for an hour of baking but probably needed only 40-45 minutes as I only made 1/4 of   Read More ...

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I attempted my first baked cheesecake last weekend. I have to admit that I was terrified of the numerous problem some bakers encountered such as cracking, gooey half cooked cheesecake, etc. So, I decided to bake a very small recipe with only 250g of cream cheese. I also used the water   Read More ...

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Getting Father In Law a Jelly Birthday Cake was my sis in law’s idea and I agreed it was a good one. Instead of having the regular birthday cake, jelly cake was unique and one suitable for the “older” generation as compared to sponge cakes. However, jelly cake tend to   Read More ...

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I’ve been in a cooking frenzy lately. Here’s a look at what I made this week. I will share some of the recipes when I have more time to post. Meantime, enjoy the pictures.  

  Tried the no bake, no egg tiramisu cheesecake. I could not find the sponge fingers nor lady fingers so tried out with our local fingers biscuits. It tasted a little odd coz the local fingers biscuits were a little salty. I believe I did not soak the biscuits long enough   Read More ...

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I have been so bogged with my workload that it is hard to find time to prepare the Bento for my kids. With a range of events being held from Fridays to Sundays, weekends were practically like weekdays except that I had bored kids at home with their dad. I   Read More ...

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