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Paprika is a spice produced from air-dried chilli peppers that has a deep red hue. It ranges in flavour from sweet to hot, and while a popular ingredient in Spanish, Hungarian and Moroccan cuisine, the pepper species is native to the Americas, moving east from Mexico to Spain in the   Read More ...

With the recent economic recession, food thieves are becoming more common. Whether running a large supermarket or a local store, it is time to stop these criminals and put them out on the street where they belong. A qualified security guard San Francisco is most certainly the answer. Moreover, the   Read More ...

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Last Sunday, I had baked the above  batch of mini sausage buns using the Ayamas brand cocktail sausages and brought some over to a friend’s house. It was so unfortunate the next morning, I read in the paper that there Ministry of Health had recalled some Ayamas products including the sausages that   Read More ...

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Honey & milk favoured ice cream I recently bought a litre of whip/heavy cream to make cheese cake but was bummed to discover that the cream can last for 14 days only after opening. So, I had about 800ml of cream to dispose of. I did not want the hassle   Read More ...

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How much do you know about Champagne? Frankly speaking, for me, champagne would mean sparkling wine but that is only half correct.  The term “Champagne” actually refers to wine produced exclusively within the Champagne region of France. So, for those who hardly know anything about Champagne but would like to learn more, you will   Read More ...

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