The very first cheesecake that was ever created was made at the height of the Greek empire by Marcus Porcius Cato. At that time he probably had no idea that his creative recipe would become one of the world’s favorite desserts even today. Nevertheless, cheesecake has never lost its appeal.


While it is interesting to note the background of cheesecake, you probably would be surprised to hear just how easy it is to actually make a cheesecake. All you need is sugar, eggs and either ricotta or cream cheese. Of course, today’s cheesecakes are topped with numerous things like tropical fruits, strawberries, chocolate and even maple syrup in Canada.

New York cheesecake is the world’s most popular type of cheesecake. Italian cheesecake, which is made from ricotta cheese and vanilla, is also quite popular. Regardless of which type of cheesecake you prefer, each is equally as delicious.


Every country has its own version of cheesecake. For instance, in Germany quark cheese is used while Greece uses a combination of Mizithra cheese and Mascarpone cr?me and in Brazil, guava marmalade is added. You will even find a version of cheesecake in Asian. Here it is known as flan and you will find eggs in the recipe.

You can also find vegetarian versions of cheesecake that use tofu instead of cream cheese in its recipe. While this may sound very health conscious, surprisingly you will also find that this tastes just as good as the original version of cheesecake itself tastes.

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  1. laura says:

    I am a pure vegetarian and yeah i have tasted the cheesecake made of tofu. I didn’t find any difference at all! It tasted exactly like the orignal one for sure.

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