No prize for guessing – My all time favourite Kangkong Belacan with rice ($7)


 MixedVege Rice


Fried Crispy Tomato Noodles



Stove Kitchen is a new outlet located at Jalan Song, amongst the new row of shophouses. You can’t actually view it from the roadside and have to drive in. The outlet is fully airconditioned, one of the very reason we went there that humid day. Being a new place, my colleagues and I decided to play safe and ordered the “You Can Never Go Wrong” type of food above.

Can you guess from the last two pictures what Stove Kitchen specialize in? Yep, it’s Steamboat. Looking at their menu, I would say it’s quite costly compared to other Steam Boat outlets. Overall, the food was nothing great. Just a 2.5 out of 5.

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  1. Shane says:

    Just my opinion. It is my favourite place with good and nice enviroment and hughvarieties of delicious food. The fruit drinks is pure and most of all I find the place neat and clean which to me rank highest priority.

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