Since Kan Pua Mee is a Foochow cuisine, I asked one of my Foochow colleague to recommend the stall that he considers sells the best Kan Pua Mee in Kuching. So, off we went to a coffee shop located somewhere after Sebor office, Pending area. It’s the first left turn after Sebor, at the very end of the road. The shop’s name is in Chinese and coming from a banana, the translation is “Syn Hung Yang“.

I thought it was too dry for my liking but the portion of the noodle was huge compared to the one at Chopstick. The ingredient that gives the “Oomph” to a Kan Pua Mee is the lard which was not really identifiable when I tasted it.

My rating : 2.5 out of 5

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  1. kenny says:

    Umm seems to be a mouth watering Chinese dish.I have heard about this stall but never got a chance to visit…Hello Syn Hung Yang calling!

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