I have been on a cheesecake baking frenzy lately, baking each Saturday, the only day I have a little free time. It’s not just the regular cheesecake but I’ve been experimenting with mini cheesecakes.

Mini cheesecake with oreo crust

Mini cheesecake with marie biscuit crust

I have been trying to perfect the recipe as I do not really like cheesecakes that are too creamy. I prefer a denser cheesecake. The good thing is I have a daughter who would volunteer to test taste any time.  The inspiration for these mini cheesecakes came from  Joy of Baking. Here is my modified version of her recipe, halved:


60 grams  marie biscuits or Oreo cookies*, crushed

30 grams butter, melted

* If you use Oreo, please remove the cream



250 grams of cream cheese at room temperature

1 egg, at room temperature

45 ml sour cream at room temperature

50 grams castor sugar

10 grams cooking chocolate

30 ml milk


For Crust

1. Crush the marie biscuits using a rolling pin or put them in a blender until they turn into fine crumbs.

2. If your butter is not melted yet, put it into the microwave and give it a few blast. I always cheat this way 🙂

3. Combine the crushed biscuits and melted butter and then, spoon into the cupcake lines. Press the crumbs to  the bottom of the muffin cups.

4. Bake in the oven for 5 minutes at 180 degree C.


For Filling

1. Using the electric mixer, beat the cream cheese on low speed until creamy and soft.

2. Add sugar and beat until combined.

3. Add the egg, beating slowly until incorporated.

4. Add sour cream.

5. Pour the mixture into the 8 muffin liners which I have placed into cupcake baking tray.

6. Melt the cooking chocolate with milk in the microwave oven. Remove them from the oven and stir until combined.

7. Using a teaspoon, spoon 4-5 dollops of the mixture on the cream cheese mixture. Using toothpicks, create a marble effect or leave effect (like mine).

8. Bake at 170 degree C for 24-28 minutes until firm.*

*If you prefer creamier cheesecake, don’t overbake. Make sure the center of the cheesecakes still wobble a little when you turn off the oven.

9. Cool the cheesecake (about an hour) before refrigerating them.

10. Serve with any topping you like but I prefer to eat them plain.

Makes 8 individual mini cheesecakes.

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