This is a little late as mid-autumn festival was celebrated last week. Since I’m such a lover of mooncakes, I can’t help posting what we bought this year. We try to minimize the amount of mooncakes we consume due to health reasons *grins*. Anyway, this is a box consisting of   Read More ...

We went a different route for food after the experience at Chatuchak Market. We headed to the food courts at shopping malls this time. Here are some food that we tried from Platinum Fashion Mall and Central World.

We girls had a fantastic shopping trip in Bangkok recently. Mind you, I was the only one who came back with 12kg of luggage whereas everyone checked in with 20kg each. While clothing can be very cheap, one must know how to choose those with better quality else, the shirts   Read More ...

As described by Wikipedia, Zong Zi  is a traditional Chinese food, made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo,reed, or other large flat leaves. They are cooked by steaming or boiling. To us Hokkiens, we call the Zong Zi with meat filling “Bak Chang” and those without fillings as “Kee Chang”.   Read More ...

It’s been quite challenging transitioning from a full time worker to a part time one, at least that’s what I call myself. I’m currently working about 4 hours a day at the office and the rest of the time, I’m ferrying the kids and doing house chores. I would like   Read More ...

This is a little off topic but I wanted to share that I have finally left the world of employment. After 16 years with the same company (yeah! I’m that young) and accumulating my annual leave of close to a month, I was able to leave within 2 weeks after   Read More ...

With Chinese New Year (CNY) less than a month away, I decided to start my baking earlier. Thus, the reason I’ve been pretty quiet around here lately. The plan was to bake about 7 different type of cookies and with each cookie, I had to bake for two households as I   Read More ...

With the recent economic recession, food thieves are becoming more common. Whether running a large supermarket or a local store, it is time to stop these criminals and put them out on the street where they belong. A qualified security guard San Francisco is most certainly the answer. Moreover, the   Read More ...

  My kids will be having a small Xmas party at their tuition centre today and my son had requested that I baked 5 cupcakes for their teachers. So, I had prebaked some red velvet cupcakes over the weekend and frosted them this morning. The frosting didn’t turn out as   Read More ...

A quick and short post to celebrate FIL’s discharge from hospital. We have also decided to hire a full time maid to assist MIL with housework and help with taking care of FIL at night. Anyway, this is supposed to be a food blog so just wanna share some pictures   Read More ...

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